missed tapes (4TRK compilation)

by Blood Orphans

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this collection spans october 2013 to september 2014 and was recorded on a 4 track tape recorder in various spaces around eureka and arcata, california. most of these songs were previously released on cassette tapes, splits, and eps ("I keep saying I'm going through shit" "house fire" etc.) but here they all are in one convenient album.


music video for "ashes" : www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDe7GQGen7w


released April 13, 2015



all rights reserved


Blood Orphans Olympia, Washington

email is bloodorphans94 at gmail if you need to reach us for anything / always trying to help

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Track Name: I Need An Anchor (4 track demo)
bury me in the outskirts of your town / leave me there to decay / if you don't do you think i'll stick around / it's too easy to walk away
hunt me take me down i don't wanna be here (you could drag me around)
Track Name: Companion Piece (4 track demo)
i think you could get over them
i think you should if you wanted to
i could help you

maybe i can/can't

we don't have to be lovers
we could just be friends
friends don't let friends stay in pain
forget their name
Track Name: Too Punk (4 track demo)
i hope you live constantly aware of your own breathing
so you can't sleep i hope you have trouble sleeping
i hope you have a hard life

i paid 3 dollars just to get in through the door
you didn't even say a word i don't think you saw me there
i paid 3 dollars just to get in through the door
you didn't even say a word i pretended i didn't care
i hope you have a hard life
Track Name: Antibiotics (4 track demo)
you aren't as healthy as you could be
you could die without warning
i would help if i knew how but i don't
this is turning into the year that everybody died
all my friends are getting hospitalized and i've never been more afraid of a place that's supposed to help
i've never been more afraid for my own health
Track Name: Life Alone in The Woods (4 track demo)
please don't disappear, you could just move here
everything's supposed to get better but i learned at a younger age not to promise that
everyone's afraid to jump ship even though sometimes it's needed
it's okay to be selfish
Track Name: Buhne is a Rollercoaster (4 track demo)
naps on carpeted floors after staying up all night remind me of high school
which makes me terrified that this is how it's gonna be for the rest of my life.
i'm wasting all my time here. i don't know what i want that much is clear.
i want to be the relief in your life that you could be in mine.
Track Name: Still Blasting Ignorant Mosh (4 track demo)
you can't tell how i'm you couldn't care if you tried you won't see anything i'm going back to sleep i'm staying in
maybe this is all self inflicted
maybe this is all self imposed
maybe i am too paranoid
maybe i missed the point
Track Name: $1500 Dog (4 track demo)
bad people live where i live and i am one of them
Track Name: Burning (4 track demo)
burning/spinning wheels
driving in circles
you're not going anywhere

i cut my hand doing dishes
i pay my rent
i overslept
i'm not going anywhere

i can't grow up